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Main Reasons To Replace Roof Before Winter

The temperature is quickly dropping by the day in New England states and Winter will be here before any of us knows it. If your home needs a new roof, here are five reasons it is better to replace your roof now than in the winter.

The Weather Is Still Better Now

Despite the temperature dropping these days, it will be significantly colder in the coming winter months.  Experiencing an open roof on a cold winter day will not be fun.  Fall temperatures are still mostly manageable, especially for a roofing service. So all in all, the timing is still more ideal now than the frigid winter days to come.

More Efficient To Install

Going off the previous paragraph, fall temperatures are often the perfect time to use roofing materials. The coldness winter brings can make it difficult to install certain roofing materials. On the flip side, a hot summer day can also be inconvenient for a roof installation or repair. Many fall days are not too hot or too cold.

Water Damage Can Be Avoided

Roof leaks occur when the surface of a roof is wet and not properly protected. When snow melts on your roof in the winter, water can make its way into your home if your roof is outdated. By addressing roof issues now, potential water damage from what winter will bring can be avoided.

It Can Lower Your Heating Bill

Winter heating bills can be quite expensive, especially if you currently have a subpar roof. A roof that is beyond its expiration date can be one of the biggest factors of a high heating bill because it allows heat to escape your home too quickly. A new roof can keep your home warmer and trap heat when you use your heating system.

Decreases Chances Roof Gets Blown Away

The fall and winter in New England states can see strong winds. If your current roof is wearing down, it can be susceptible to getting blown away the next time your area sees strong wind gusts. A new roof is far more likely to stay intact when strong winds blow.

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