Clogged Gutters

How Can I Make My Roof Last Longer?

Roofs are often expensive projects so it is no surprise every homeowner wants their roofs to last as long as possible. Easier said than done. Here are five manageable strategies homeowners can use to increase the chances that their roofs outlive their shelf life.

Be Motivated To Clean The Gutter

Cleaning the gutter may not be a fun chore but it can be a rewarding one. Keeping a gutter clean creates an easy path for water around your roof to leave the vicinity. Having a clogged gutter can lead to massive water leaks. Water leaks on your roof can affect a roofs shelf life considerably, not to mention it is an inconvenience.

Strengthen Your Roof

There are a handful of ways to strengthen a roof already in place. First, you can add an extra layer underneath your roof. Secondly, you can replace old nails with newer, stronger ones. Both methods are commonly used to fortify a roof.

Clean Your Roof Once A Season

Some homeowners have never cleaned their respective roofs. That’s okay as long as you have a professional do it instead. Every season, roofs accumulate branches, debris, leaves, etc. While what is currently on your roof may seem harmless, it can be doing harm quietly. For example, wet leaves can lead to water damage.

Have Your Roof Insulated

A well-insulated roof is priceless. If your roof is currently not insulated, consider doing so. An insulated roof can make your home and roof more energy efficient year round.

Be Proactive With Tree Branches Over Roof

You have probably seen homes with tree branches hanging over a roof. This is not ideal for a roof for multiple reasons. For starters, if the branch comes down on the roof for any reason, it can do significant damage to the roof. Even when the overhanging tree branch is in place, it can still cause problems. For example, it can provide an avenue for animals to get on top of the roof. Who knows what the animal will do once it is on top of your roof. It is better to not take any chances.

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