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How Can I Tell If Roofers Did A Good Job?

Roof repairs and installations are typically one of the most expensive home improvement projects no matter how you slice it. This means that once a roofing project is complete, it should not just become an afterthought. It is imperative that homeowners inspect a roof after a roofing project is completed to ensure it was done well. The last thing any homeowner wants is to spend thousands of dollars on a new roof, only for it to be inadequate at protecting the home.  If you are a new homeowner who has not inspected a completed roof before, here are three things you can look for after the roofers you hired finish up.

Alignment Passes The Eye Test

While most homeowners do not know much about roofs, your eyes can tell you a lot. After a roofing project is completed, take a closer look at the materials used for your new roof. Nails should not be missing and there should not be any dents. The shingles or tiles on a roof should be even and consistent.

The Project Takes At Least A Few Days

With the exception of smaller roofing projects, a roof repair or roof installation should take at least a few days. In most cases, a roofing project completed in less than one day was most likely rushed and leaving more to be desired.

Your Roof Does Not Leak Shortly After

Most likely the easiest tell-tale sign of the job the roofers did is whether or not your roof leaks in the interim. If your roof holds up the next time it rains or snows, your roofers did a good job. If you notice water leaking from the roof shortly after a roofing project, your roofers did not properly fix the roof.

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