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Main Reasons To Replace Roof Before Winter

The temperature is quickly dropping by the day in New England states and Winter will be here before any of us knows it. If your home needs a new roof, here are five reasons it is better to replace your roof now than in the winter.

The Weather Is Still Better Now

Despite the temperature dropping these days, it will be significantly colder in the coming winter months.  Experiencing an open roof on a cold winter day will not be fun.  Fall temperatures are still mostly manageable, especially for a roofing service. So all in all, the timing is still more ideal now than the frigid winter days to come.

More Efficient To Install

Going off the previous paragraph, fall temperatures are often the perfect time to use roofing materials. The coldness winter brings can make it difficult to install certain roofing materials. On the flip side, a hot summer day can also be inconvenient for a roof installation or repair. Many fall days are not too hot or too cold.

Water Damage Can Be Avoided

Roof leaks occur when the surface of a roof is wet and not properly protected. When snow melts on your roof in the winter, water can make its way into your home if your roof is outdated. By addressing roof issues now, potential water damage from what winter will bring can be avoided.

It Can Lower Your Heating Bill

Winter heating bills can be quite expensive, especially if you currently have a subpar roof. A roof that is beyond its expiration date can be one of the biggest factors of a high heating bill because it allows heat to escape your home too quickly. A new roof can keep your home warmer and trap heat when you use your heating system.

Decreases Chances Roof Gets Blown Away

The fall and winter in New England states can see strong winds. If your current roof is wearing down, it can be susceptible to getting blown away the next time your area sees strong wind gusts. A new roof is far more likely to stay intact when strong winds blow.

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How Can I Make My Roof Last Longer?

Roofs are often expensive projects so it is no surprise every homeowner wants their roofs to last as long as possible. Easier said than done. Here are five manageable strategies homeowners can use to increase the chances that their roofs outlive their shelf life.

Be Motivated To Clean The Gutter

Cleaning the gutter may not be a fun chore but it can be a rewarding one. Keeping a gutter clean creates an easy path for water around your roof to leave the vicinity. Having a clogged gutter can lead to massive water leaks. Water leaks on your roof can affect a roofs shelf life considerably, not to mention it is an inconvenience.

Strengthen Your Roof

There are a handful of ways to strengthen a roof already in place. First, you can add an extra layer underneath your roof. Secondly, you can replace old nails with newer, stronger ones. Both methods are commonly used to fortify a roof.

Clean Your Roof Once A Season

Some homeowners have never cleaned their respective roofs. That’s okay as long as you have a professional do it instead. Every season, roofs accumulate branches, debris, leaves, etc. While what is currently on your roof may seem harmless, it can be doing harm quietly. For example, wet leaves can lead to water damage.

Have Your Roof Insulated

A well-insulated roof is priceless. If your roof is currently not insulated, consider doing so. An insulated roof can make your home and roof more energy efficient year round.

Be Proactive With Tree Branches Over Roof

You have probably seen homes with tree branches hanging over a roof. This is not ideal for a roof for multiple reasons. For starters, if the branch comes down on the roof for any reason, it can do significant damage to the roof. Even when the overhanging tree branch is in place, it can still cause problems. For example, it can provide an avenue for animals to get on top of the roof. Who knows what the animal will do once it is on top of your roof. It is better to not take any chances.

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How Can I Tell If Roofers Did A Good Job?

Roof repairs and installations are typically one of the most expensive home improvement projects no matter how you slice it. This means that once a roofing project is complete, it should not just become an afterthought. It is imperative that homeowners inspect a roof after a roofing project is completed to ensure it was done well. The last thing any homeowner wants is to spend thousands of dollars on a new roof, only for it to be inadequate at protecting the home.  If you are a new homeowner who has not inspected a completed roof before, here are three things you can look for after the roofers you hired finish up.

Alignment Passes The Eye Test

While most homeowners do not know much about roofs, your eyes can tell you a lot. After a roofing project is completed, take a closer look at the materials used for your new roof. Nails should not be missing and there should not be any dents. The shingles or tiles on a roof should be even and consistent.

The Project Takes At Least A Few Days

With the exception of smaller roofing projects, a roof repair or roof installation should take at least a few days. In most cases, a roofing project completed in less than one day was most likely rushed and leaving more to be desired.

Your Roof Does Not Leak Shortly After

Most likely the easiest tell-tale sign of the job the roofers did is whether or not your roof leaks in the interim. If your roof holds up the next time it rains or snows, your roofers did a good job. If you notice water leaking from the roof shortly after a roofing project, your roofers did not properly fix the roof.

Professional Roofing Services in Smithfield, RI: Rhode Island Slate Roofing

Rhode Island Slate Roofing is a team full of experienced, passionate, and reliable roofing professionals. Excellent customer service is always something our team strives for and will not stop short of providing. For roofing repairs and installations in Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts, contact us!


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How Should I Prepare My Roof For Fall?

Now that Summer is nearing its end and the days are starting to get a little chillier, homeowners should be mindful of their roofs. Before long, snowfall will arrive and now is an ideal time to prepare your roof for the upcoming inclement weather. With only a few weeks left of Summer, here are five things you should do for your roof as soon as possible.

Inspect for Damages

Do not let the beautiful weather from this Summer fool you. There is a possibility, albeit a small one, that your roof was damaged in some way this Summer. High heat temperatures can wear down your roof and many parts of New England received record heat temperatures this Summer.

Schedule Repairs

If you notice missing shingles, cracked tiles, etc., now is the time to schedule a repair a roof repair. The longer a damaged roof is not addressed, the worst it can become. Dealing with a roof repair on a cold fall or winter day will not be fun. At least the weather is still relatively warm these days.

Keep Gutter Intact

Gutters are vital in the fall. Gutters help direct water on your roof away from your home. If a gutter is clogged or not quite intact, it can lead to significant water damage. Take a look at your gutter system if you have not done so in months. Remove all the debris, leaves, etc. you can visibly spot in your gutter.

Monitor Trees Near Roof

Trees near your home’s roof can have large branches that you do not want to have fall on your roof. Take a close look at how close some branches are hovering over your roof. If they pose a threat to your roof, have them trimmed or cut down.

Contact A Professional Roof Team

A professional roofing company such as Rhode Island Slate Roofing can get your roof ready for the fall and winter. Our team has decades of experience, is flexible, and can finally give you the roof you desire. Contact us today to get started on upgrading your roof!

Roof Reslating in Massachusetts

Reasons To Choose Rhode Island Slate Roofing

Roofs can last a long time, but every house will need roofing services at some point. Can you imagine a home without a roof? Rhode Island Slate Roofing is a professional and licensed roofing company that services Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts. If you are looking for a roofing team this year, here are the top reasons to choose our team for your roofing needs.

Multiple Roofing Services

At Rhode Island Slate Roofing, we do not just offer one roofing service. Our team is always more than happy to assist clients with roofing repairs, installations, and emergency roofing services. No roofing job is too big or too small for our professionals! Learn how we can even give you a free roofing estimate! We even offer a ten-year warranty that can be transferable from one owner to the next!

Our Experience

When it comes to roofing jobs, we are far removed from our “first rodeo”. As a team, we have over two decades of roofing experience and have experienced a variety of different roofs.

Our Certifications

Working with roofing companies that do not have the proper certifications is bad business. At Rhode Island Slate Roofing, our team is fully insured and has all the proper training certificates.

Our Past Work

At Rhode Island Slate Roofing, we believe our past work speaks for itself. In all of our years in the roofing industry, we have built up a strong portfolio and number of clients.

Fair Rates

At Rhode Island Slate Roofing, we take pride in making sure our services are affordable and reasonable. We understand the roofing industry is a business, but we want to take care of our clients too.

Professional Roofing Services In Smithfield, Rhode Island

Rhode Island Slate Roofing is thrilled to work with homeowners in need of roofing services. Whether your roof needs maintenance, a touch-up, or a new roof, we would love to be the team to help you! Contact us today to get started and find out how we can provide your roof a free estimate!

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End Of Summer Roof Maintenance Tips In New England

Summer is going by fast like it tends to do every year. With the calendar already about to flip to August, Summer will be over before we all know it. While we all enjoy what is left of Summer the best we can, there are some household items that should not be ignored. Of these many household items is your home’s roof. A home’s roof takes care of its inhabitants year round but a few times a year homeowners must repay the favor and take care of it. Here are three useful end-of-the-summer tips regarding your roof.

Take A Look At Your Roof

You will not know if your roof has any issues if you do not give it an inspection. As beautiful as Summertime can be in New England, a roof could have still endured damage from summer storms and winds. While you may not notice any structural damage from inside your home, a closer look at the exterior of your roof could highlight cracks, holes, or missing shingles. Your home might be able to get by with any of those flaws now, but the same probably cannot be said come a New England winter.

Do Not Forget About The Gutter

It is important for homeowners to check their gutters at least a few times a year. Once you check your gutter, if it looks like it needs to be cleaned, do not delay cleaning. Most homeowners probably do not enjoy cleaning out their gutters but doing so will keep the foundation of a roof strong. Think about it this way: when you take good care of your gutter, you are also taking care of your roof.

Trim Trees Too Close To Roof Or Gutter

If you notice any tree branches too close to your roof or gutter, it would be a good idea to consider having them trimmed. Tree branches that come into the proximity of a roof or gutter can end up doing damage to them at some point.

Roofing Services in Smithfield, RI: Rhode Island Slate Roofing

Rhode Island Slate Roofing offers a variety of roofing services. From installations to roofing maintenance, and repair, contact us today if you need roofing assistance!


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Benefits of Having A Strong Roof In Rhode Island

The benefits of having a strong roof in a New England state seem self-explanatory, but there is more than meets the eye. If you are a homeowner of a home in Rhode Island you probably understand having a strong roof is essential. Here are some benefits a strong roof will produce in addition to sheltering you.

What Does a “Strong Roof” Look Like?

Criteria for a strong roof:

  • It is less than twenty years old
  • There are no cracked shingles
  • No signs of Leaks in the last few years

Better Peace Of Mind

Worrying about the roof of a home as a homeowner is not fun. If you know you have a strong roof, you will be less stressed out. States like Rhode Island encounter its fair share of storms and inclement weather. Having confidence that your roof will hold up against tough conditions is priceless.

No Leaks

A weak roof is susceptible to leaks that can cause significant damage to the interior of the house and furniture. A strong roof will keep leaks out of sight.

Increased Overall Efficiency

A strong roof will allow you to rely less on energy to keep your home comfortable year-round. Having a roof that does an inefficient job of keeping air in during the warm months and air out during the colder months will probably lead to you raising your energy bills. A strong roof will help you save money and provide a great service to the environment.


A strong roof will play a part in the overall beauty of your home. If your roof has missing shingles, tiles, or cracks, it will hamper the overall appearance of your home.

Good Property Value

If you plan on selling or renting your home out in the near future, a strong roof will help you get more for your property. One of the first things most potential homebuyers will ask about or have inspected is the roof’s condition.

Professional Roofing Services in Smithfield, Rhode Island: Rhode Island Slate Roofing

Whether you need a new roof installed or a roof repair, Rhode Island Slate Roofing can help you. For over a decade now, our team has helped countless Rhode Island properties get their roof in order. The climate in Rhode Island can be unpredictable, so it is best to make sure your roof is squared away this time of year. Contact us today for roof services!

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How Does Summer Affect My Roof?

With Summer officially here it is important to know just how the summer heat can affect your roof. Roofs are strong, so it is not uncommon to overlook the impact the summer climate can have on a roof. Here are the main ways your roof can be affected this summer and how to handle it.

Overall Attrition

With roofs exposed to the hot summer sun, a roof can experience plenty of wear and tear. Roofs can technically last for decades, but as each summer comes and goes, it can leave a mark on roofs before the season changes. After a handful of years go by, a roof will only be able to take so much more sunlight heat exposure. Check on your roof periodically and if it looks like it’s about to cave in after this Summer, consider a new roof.

Overall Humidity

Summer in New England states is prone to high humidity levels. These humidity levels can affect roofs by creating moisture that can lead to water leaks. Water leaks and moisture accumulating on a rooftop can lead to mold, which is a separate problem within itself. Keep the humidity levels in your mind this Summer.

Contract & Expand

The Summer climate can cause your roof to expand and contract.  In other words, this can stretch out parts of your roof without you knowing and weaken parts of the structure.

Measures To Protect Your Roof In The Summer

If the Summer weather has affected your roof, you have probably wondered how to better protect your roof in the Summertime. Here are a few measures you can put into place to help your roof resist the summer heat.

1. Add Ventilation To Your Roof

Ventilating your roof can help combat the Summer heat while limiting mold and moisture at the same time.

2. Add Insulation To Your Roof

Insulation for a roof can go a long way, especially if your roof does not receive any shade from nearby trees. Insulation serves as an extra layer of protection for roofs and it may be just what your roof needs to fight off the hot summer sun.

Professional Roofing Services In Smithfield, RI: Rhode Island Slate Roofing

Rhode Island Slate Roofing offers roof installations throughout Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts towns. If your roof needs services at any point this year, contact us! We would be happy to help out!

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What Do I Do When My Roof Is Leaking?

Water leaking from the roof is one of the most unpleasant things a homeowner can encounter. In New England states such as Rhode Island, roof leaks are not uncommon. This is because roof leaks can get worse before you know it and the cause of the roof leak is not always so cut and dry. Here is all you should do as soon as possible when you notice your roof leaking.

Do Not Ignore It

Some homeowners may see leaks from the roof and think no big deal. Well, this belief would be a mistake. Waiting around will slowly make the situation worse. Once a roof starts leaking, it is not going to fix itself on its own. Being proactive in life is generally a good thing and especially with your roof.

Grab A Bucket

As soon as you see water dripping down from your ceiling, have something contain it. You do not want the water to accumulate on your floor and cause someone to slip and hurt themselves. It can also create quite a mess if you let water drip down on your floor continuously.

Remove Valuable Items From Affected Area

There is no way to know just how bad a roof leak can get so it is best to play it safe. Once you know your roof is leaking, take valuable items out of the affected area and place them elsewhere temporarily.

Take A Look At Your Roof If You Can

If you are comfortable being on your roof, get up there and see if you can spot the problem. Rook leaks are often tied to broken shingles, cracked flashing, poor sealing or deffective gutters.

Contact A Professional Roofing Company

If handling a roof leak is something you are struggling with or you do not know what to do, do not worry and just call a professional roofing company. Professional roofers can assess the damaged area and see what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Professional Roofing Services In Smithfield, RI: Rhode Island Slate Roofing

Rhode Island Slate Roofing is an experienced and dedicated roofing company that proudly services Rhode Island communities and nearby Massachusetts ones. Contact us today with any roofing inquiries.


Comparing Residential & Commercial Roofing

Roofs all have the same purpose but are all unique and different in their own way. We often do not think of our roofs, but they are beneficial in many more ways than one. When it comes to residential versus commercial roofs, there are some similarities but mostly, there are notable differences. Aside from the differing costs, here are the major differences you should know about between the two types of building elements.

The Aesthetics

First and foremost, the most noticeable difference between residential and commercial roofs is the look of their exteriors. Most residential homes have a higher, sloped look to their roofs. Most commercial roofs will not be sloped, but rather flat. There are many reasons most residential homes have sloped roofs. For starters, it allows rain and snow to come off the roof more easily. Commercial buildings often lack a sloped roof due to the cost it would take to cover the commercial area. On top of that, sloped roofs on commercial buildings are considered dangerous to put in place.

Installation Process

The installation process for residential and commercial roofs is drastically different. In most cases, a residential roof is much simpler to install. This is due to the fact there is less ground to cover and easier-to-use materials involved. Commercial roofs typically take three times as long to install compared to a residential roof.

The Maintenance

The type of maintenance between these two types of roofs is night and day. Commercial buildings are higher up and have to cover more footage so it only makes sense that they are harder to maintain compared to residential roofs. While commercial roofs can be difficult to maintain, most residential homes are not. Residential roof gutters should be cleaned periodically and homeowners should check the status of their respective roofs a few times a year.

Professional Roofing Services in Smithfield, Rhode Island

For over the last fifteen years now, Rhode Island Slate Roofing has provided roof installations and repairs to the state of Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Rhode Island Slate Roofing is experienced, professional and flexible. Contact us today if your roof needs servicing!