What to Look For in a Roof When You’re Buying a Home

Buying a new home is a massive milestone in anyone’s life regardless of whether or not it’s their first home buy or just another in a long line of many. There is are so many factors to consider when trying to decide which home is best for you that it can be hard to keep track of them all as well as which may be more important to pay attention to than others. One of these aspects that everyone should be focused on when buying a new home is the condition of the roof. Knowing what to look for in a roof when buying a home can help to greatly accelerate your decision-making process. This is due to a variety of both positive and negative impacts a roof can have on the home depending on its condition.


When buying a home, the first thing to know about a roof is how well it is ventilated. A properly ventilated roof is important for a variety of reasons that pertain to not only the roof itself but also the home as a whole. Even if the home you’re thinking about buying has a brand-new roof, it will soon become a massive issue if it is not outfitted with the proper ventilation. When buying a home, a roof with a ventilation system that was correctly installed is a must have. The reason for this being that sunlight and air that can easily come and go allows for a healthy flow of air, keeping a variety of problems such as increased energy costs and mold, at bay.

Breaks or Leaks

Another dangerous issue to keep an eye out for is any potential break or leak within the roof. Any leak that is present within your roof will not hesitate to snowball into a variety of other problems that reach for from the home’s roof, affecting the home’s structure itself. Unwanted water leads to numerous issues such as furniture damage, ruined paint, and even wood rot which can be hazardous to those living inside of the potentially unstable structure.

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How Hurricanes and Storms Can Impact Your Roof

Unfortunately for homeowners, especially those who live on the Southeastern U.S. coast, hurricanes and severe storms are a fact of life. If your house has recently survived a hurricane, you and your family are undoubtedly extremely grateful. However, you still need to take the time to assess any damage that your home did sustain. Even residences that are located inland often have some damage, so it is crucial to take a look around, even if you weren’t in the direct path of the storm.

Roofs tend to take a beating when hurricanes and other strong storms hit. Due to this, one of the first things you should do when the storm clears is have a well-respected roofing contractor inspect your home’s roof for problems. As you continue reading this guide, you will learn about a few of the primary issues hurricane-force storms usually cause to roofs.

Exterior damage should be assessed.

The first thing your inspector is likely to do is look for obvious damage. Strong storms frequently cause shingles to come loose, leaving the underlayment of your roof exposed and, perhaps, damaged as well. Furthermore, hurricanes can even cause parts of residential roofs to completely collapse, leaving gaping holes that look into the interior of a house.

Look out for interior issues.

Even if your roof seems intact after a bad storm, you need to keep your eyes peeled for interior problems that could signify that there is roof damage after all. Leaks that didn’t exist before the storm, for instance, are a major red flag. You should also look for peeling wallpaper or paint, which can be a warning that there is water dripping from your ceiling down into your walls. Let your contractor know right away if you experience any interior issues.

Don’t let problems go.

It can be tempting to let roof issues go after a hurricane or a bad storm, especially if other people in your area are dealing with significantly worse damage. However, there is a reason you pay for homeowner’s insurance and there is no reason for you and your family to suffer later on. Damage that is left alone only gets worse, ultimately causing serious problems, including potential mold infestations or critters living in your home.

Instead of risking these situations and others, get some quotes and select a reputable roofer like Rhode Island Slate Roofing to fix your home as soon as possible. This will ensure that you and your family stay safe and dry for years to come. Trusting an expert with the job is a wise choice because you will be able to rest assured that things will be done right the first time.

The Benefits of Roof Ventilation

If you find yourself asking if your home needs roof ventilation the answer is almost always guaranteed to be yes. The reason for this is because proper ventilation provides a variety of benefits to any style of roof. Even roofs that have ventilation that is not quite up to par can experience numerous problems that are a result of this issue. To make sure that your home is properly ventilated it is important to do a throughout review of the roof as well as the attic and whatever existing insulation is already there. The temperature inside of an attic is crucial when discussing the health of a roof because extreme temperature, whether hot or cold, can play a large part in problems that develop. Without the correct amount of ventilation inside of an attic, hot air can become encased which leads to moisture and other liquid building up. This build-up can evolve into dangerous black mold. In addition to the black mold, this unwanted heat can cause snow to melt on your roof before refreezing into ice. By ensuring that your home has proper insulation will provide it with many benefits while avoiding the issues discussed here.

Extends the life of your roof:

Quite often individuals are fascinated by icicles hanging off the side of their roof. Although this buildup, called ice damming, can be causing damage to your roof that is invisible to the eye. The reason why this damage is hard to see is that it can back up underneath roofing materials which leads to your entire roofing system, attic, and walls suffering.

Reduces energy costs:

Proper ventilation within a roof is what gives heat the ability to escape a home which reduces the workload on air conditioners. When the temperature outside is high, the goal is to keep the home cool on the inside. A cheaper air conditioning bill can help save energy during these hot months.

Reduces indoor temperature extremes:

Often individuals complain of upstairs rooms being hotter than rooms found downstairs in the home. The same can go for those in ranch style homes, as their feet are often cold due to heat being trapped by the ceiling of rooms. These issues often arise due to roofs without proper insulation and can be resolved by getting the proper ventilation installed.

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When Your Porch Needs a New Roof

A roof that is in good condition is something that most individuals are looking for when purchasing a new home. For this reason, having an appealing roof can add value to your home the same way a nice porch can. To take things a step further, an appealing roof on top of your home’s porch is something that should also be kept in top condition to ensure that your home’s value, as well as structural integrity, are kept intact.­­­ In order to make sure you’re fulfilling this commitment it is ideal to know exactly what signs to look out for that could indicate it is time for your porch to get a new roof. There are a variety of things to look out for such as the following:

Bulges and Dips:

Roofs are often compromised in terms of their structural integrity when exposed to the elements, specifically water, over a long period of time. More often than not, when a roof is bulging, it can be blamed on erosion caused by moisture. When these problems are allowed to persist without being addressed they can end up negatively impacting the safety of the roof as a whole.

Water Leaks/Rot:

Sometimes a dip in the roof can be the result of wood that is rotting underneath. Obviously, any type of rot is not good and can even lead to a porch collapsing entirely. Checking that your roof is free of dips, bulges and stains while at the same time being devoid of deformations is crucial when trying to avoid damage from water and other potential leaks.

Shingle Damage:

Adequate ventilation is required when roofs are initially installed. If it is not properly implemented during installation, the lack of ventilation can lead to damage as opposed to the extended lifetime that is a result of proper ventilation. If you inspect your porch and native that it’s roof has shingles that are curling, missing, etc. it may be best to reach out to a roofing professional such as those at Rhode Island Slate Roofing!


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4 Benefits of New Roofs

The Benefits of a New Roof

One of the most important parts of any house in terms of value as well as structural integrity is the roof. Not many individuals pay as much attention to this part of their house as they should because the thought of getting a new roof can be quite daunting. Individuals can debate whether or not to purchase a new roof for years and years before finally reaching a decision. This is because the thought of getting a new roof can be quite daunting. Despite the fact that purchasing a new roof is a big decision, there are many benefits that one will experience once the project is complete such as:

Energy Efficiency:

HVAC systems need to work overtime in order to achieve your desired indoor temperature when you have an old roof that is prone to leak air, this leads to increased energy costs. In addition to this, newer roofs are more effective at reflecting solar rays and decreasing solar heat gain.

Curb Appeal:

40 percent of your home’s curb appeal is directly linked to your roof according to Realtor estimates. This is extremely important to consider if you are ever trying to sell a house. Homes that would soon be in need of an expensive new roof often encourage prospective buyers to walk away, while properties that display newly installed roofs with features such as windows or skylights help to convince individuals that the property is worth investing in.


Purchasing a new roof helps to avoid hazards such as mold and mildew, keeping your family safe. Other hazards such as collapsing roofs or unstable homes can be the result of old, dilapidated roofs which become more dangerous the longer they are left without repair.

Return on Investment (ROI):

One of the best home improvement projects around is purchasing a new roof. This is due to their average ROI of 67-70%.

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Healthy Practices for a Healthy Roof

Regarding roofs, the old saying “Out of sight, out of mind”, is one that still holds true. But those who do acknowledge their roofs existence as well as know the tips and tricks of keeping it in top condition, reap the benefits for years on end. Although, the same cannot be said for those who pay little to no attention to their roof. This is because the building is secured both structurally and financially thanks to these proactive steps, which leads to homeowners saving a wealth of dollars down the line.

In an effort to lengthen to the lifespan of your roof, it is never too late to start implementing these procedures, regardless of if your roof is brand new or a few years old. Being such a big investment, this is especially true for the roof of a home. There are numerous steps homeowners can take to minimize the impact elements have on their roof as well as maximize its lifespan when faced with the unpredictable New England weather.


4 Ways to Keep Your Roof in Good Health

Promptly Fix Issues:

Immediately address any issue that is identified as problems can quickly evolve into expensive and potentially dangerous scenarios. The roof can become rotted and structurally unsound from curling or missing shingles as well as leaks.


Inspect Twice Yearly:

Inspections are crucial to preventative roof maintenance. Twice yearly inspections may seem obvious and even a bit overboard, but this is not the case as. A simple inspection can reveal an easily resolved problem that would have otherwise turned into an expensive issue thanks to the roofing experts that are trained to identify issues that most homeowners would not even know to look out for.



Clean Gutters:

When gutter health is not maintained properly, there are numerous issues that can arise regardless of the season. Gutters should be checked regularly to ensure that they’re not hanging as clogged or hanging gutters allow water to enter the roof which is why they should be kept clear of leaves and other debris.


Cut Close Branches:

Overgrown trees pose one of the greatest dangers to roofs throughout the year is. Large branches snap off of trees and damage roofs thanks to the strong snow and winds here in the Northeast. Even if the overgrowth does not fall and break, it can collide with your roof thanks to high winds or even direct growth into your roof.




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New Slate Roofing Job

The crew at Rhode Island Slate Roofing has successful completed another slate roofing job this past week.  This beautiful home was in need of a new roof, and the owner decided to go with slate tiles. 

The third picture shows why so many homeowners of these types of homes. The slate tiles go beautifully with the classic brick exterior of the home. On a recent blog post we talked about the importance of flashing on roofs as well as the different types of flashing.

The first picture shows the attention to detail that goes into to the laying of copper flashing. Some roofing contractors overlook laying down the flashing properly and rush to get the job done. If this happens, you create areas of weakness in your roof that can result in moisture build up and eventually leaks.

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The Importance of Flashing on Your Roof

When homeowners think about getting new roof they typically have a few major thoughts and concerns. First, they think about finding a reliable roofing contractor. Secondly, they think about cost. Lastly, they may think about the the type of roof they want. If you are in the process of evaluating roofing contractors, you should ask them questions about something in building a new roof that you may not think about, the flashing.

What Is Flashing

Flashing is arguable the second most important aspect of a successful roof installation next to properly installing the shingles, tiles, metal, or whatever material your roof is made out of.  The point of flashing is to prevent water, moisture, and other debris from entering into vulnerable parts of your roof.

An example of roof flashing is in “valleys” of your roof. A valley is where two sections of your roof meet to create an angle. See an example of a roof valley here.

Roof flashing can be made out of a few different materials but mostly you’ll find it made out of a metal. Metals such as  copper, aluminum, stainless steel, lead are common flashing materials. You can also find plastic or composite materials to create roof flashing.

Areas Of The Roof Where Flashing Goes

Skylights: The areas on the boarders of skylights are incredibly vulnerable to leakage and moisture build up if not properly installed with good flashing. If you are getting a skylight installed, or have a skylight and you are getting a new roof, make sure to ask your roofing contractor about their plans for flashing around the skylight.

Vents: Vents are another area of roof where your contractor should be focusing on the installation of flashing to prevent leaks and moisture. Most importantly, if you have hood vents, you’ll want to make sure you have an experienced roofer working on your project. Hood vents are created by cutting a hole into your roof, so you’ll have to be certain your roofing contractor is aware of the importance of properly installed flashing.

Chimneys: Proper flashing around chimneys are crucial to the long term health of your investment in a new roof. Typically the most amount of flashing (other than in long valleys on your roof) will be found around your chimney.

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Different Types of Roofs We Work On

Rhode Island Slate Roofing is known for of course, our slate roofing work. Having decades of experience in slate roofing and roofing in general, we have picked up some other great skills over the years. We don’t just do slate roofing installations, but repairs and replacements for a variety of different roofing types. Below are a few of the types of roofs we work on:

Clay Roofing: Clay tiles are a popular kind of historical roofing material. Having been used for thousands of years for cover on huts and houses, clay tiles can be different colors. Clay roofing will not lose its color over time like other types of roofing material. Compared to some other different types of roofing material, clay can be quite affordable.

Historic Roof Repair: We have covered before on the Rhode Island Slate Roofing blog what historic roofing repair is. Just know this, when getting a historic roof repaired its crucial to work with a roofing contractor that has worked on historic roofs and is meticulous in their attention to detail.

Asbestos Roof Repair: Although less common to see in today’s roof, there are still homes out there with asbestos tiles. This is obviously a type of roofing repair that needs fine attention to detail. If these tiles crack, dangerous asbestos will be released into your atmosphere.

Asphalt Shingle Roof: With a typical lifespan of 30-50 years and with material that is readily available in the northeast, asphalt shingle roofs are the most common type of roof you’ll find around. Rhode Island Slate Roofing has worked on hundreds of successful asphalt roof’s, so don’t hesitate to reach out for your next project.

Rubber Roofing:  Mostly found in commercial buildings, rubber roofing is made up of recycled tires and other rubber products. It can come in white and black and also be “painted on” by new state of the art roofing products.

And of course, Rhode Island Slate Roofing are experts in the repair and replacement of slate roofing in Rhode Island and Southeaster Massachusetts. If you have any roofing project going on in the coming months get in touch with us today.

How Severe Heat Can Damage Your Roof

On the Rhode Island Slate Roofing blog we’ve talked a lot in the past of how the winter can cause damage to your roof.  When people think about the seasons of the year and their roof, they usually thing of winter. However if you live in an area where heat waves happen, your roof can take on some serious damage. With the years first 100 plus degree day, we’ll take a look at how the summer time heat can hurt your roof!

Heat: Prolonged exposure to high temperatures is one way roofs can become damaged. This is especially true if you have a home that is exposed to the sun for more hours of the day. High heat can cause a roofs shingles to start to curl or deteriorate. Of course with this, you face further damage during rain storms. As always, the most important thing to do is be cognizant of the condition of your shingles around severe weather.

Humidity: Humidity is the presence of water in the air. Times of prolonged humidity is a cause concern for the health of your roof. If the temperature of your roof is cooler than the surrounding air, condensation can start to incur on your roof. The excess moisture can cause water damage and weaken the overall health of your roof.

Rain: In the summertime, we can experience times of prolonged heat followed by severe rain.  As we learned above, your roof can be “weaker” after a long heat wave. If this is followed by rain you roof could suffer from a multiple different issues, including leaks, cracks, moisture buildup and more.

As always, if your home has suffered from roof damage this summer in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, contact Rhode Island Slate Roofing today!