Ice Dam On Roof

Benefits of Professional Ice Dam Removal

If you have lived in a New England state for at least a few years, you have definitely seen Ice Dam buildups by now. Ice Dams and icicles are intertwined but separate. Ice Dams are a part of the frozen sharp ice chunks that form on the edge of roofs every winter. The difference is “ice dam” refers to the buildup behind the frozen icicles. Ice Dams look dangerous and can do more damage than one may imagine. Continue reading to learn how professional ice dam removal has many benefits.

Ice Dams Are Bad For Everyone

It is common knowledge that frozen icicles are sharp and can hurt anyone if they were to fall down. Unfortunately, the danger with Ice dams does not stop there. When Ice Dams are intact, they can wreak havoc on your roof. Since ice dams are large blocks of ice, serious damage can be done once the ice melts. Ice dams can easily leak and do damage to a roof. Once an ice dam leaks, water can make its way into your home in an unwanted way.

Ice Dam Removal Is Dangerous For Homeowners

For the average homeowner, Ice Dam removal is a dangerous task. This should come as no surprise as climbing up a ladder in a cold environment to deal with an icy roof is something most homeowners do not do regularly. If a homeowner has little to no experience with ice dam removal, it is best to leave it to the pros. Safety is paramount when it comes to ice dam removal.

Improper Ice Dam Removal Can Do Damage

Ice Dam Removal when done incorrectly or uncarefully can do damage to a home’s exterior. Even if you are confident at getting snow and ice off your roof, if you feel like you are not doing it the right way, it is best to consult with a professional company. The last thing any homeowner wants to do is significantly damage their roofs during winter season.

Professional Ice Dam Removal In Smithfield, Rhode Island

When you need professional ice dam removals services in Rhode Island, turn to Rhode Island Slate Roofing! Our ice dam removal team is experienced, insured, and fully-capable of getting ice dam removed from your roof. When Ice Dams strike, contact our team!

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