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What Do I Do When My Roof is Leaking?

A leaking roof is something no homeowner wants to deal with, but sometimes the situation can be inevitable. If you encounter a leaky roof, it is important to remain as calm as possible and be proactive. While a leaking roof will likely require help from professionals, homeowners have the ability to at least defuse the situation before the pros arrive. Here are five steps homeowners should follow if they experience their roof leaking.

1. Do Not Ignore The Leak

First and foremost, do not ignore the fact your roof is leaking. While most homeowners will be proactive to roof leaks, there may be some who chalk it up as no big deal. Unfortunately, ignoring a leaking roof will only make matters worse.

2. Try To Figure Out What’s Causing The Leak

A roof can leak for a variety of reasons. When you notice your roof leaking, it is important to figure out the source of the leak. Being able to determine the source of the leak will make it easier to lessen the impact of the situation. Common causes of roof leaks include clogged gutters, damaged shingles, or snow melting on your roof.

3. Place a Bucket Under the Leak

Once your roof starts leaking, it likely will not stop for a while. Place a bucket directly under where the leak is occurring to prevent water damage.

4. Move Valuable Items Away From The Area

Roof leaks can cause damage to items inside your home. On top of that, roofs can collapse after it starts to leak. It is best to play it safe and isolate valuable items in your home that could be directly impacted from the leak.

5. Apply Strong Tape to The Leaking Spot

Tape will not permanently fix your leaking issue but it can temporarily fix the issue. Strong tape can buy you some time before a professional comes to help you address the leak.

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