Soffit & Fascia

The Importance of Fascia & Soffits

Behind every dependable roofing system are the soffits and fascia.

Though relatively overlooked, these two components are key to an outstanding roof system.

Why? Because they not only improve the look of your home but also provide concrete support for your roof. This blog will explore why fascia and soffits are an important factor in the integrity of any home.

“But Fascia and Soffits Don’t Seem That Important…”

Of course, upon first glance, the fascia and soffit appear to be little more than an aesthetic element, otherwise unessential to the performance of your roof. While they surely do enhance the appearance of your home, giving it a smooth, complete look, it is undeniable that they can help protect you and your family from damage and decay.

“Why are Fascia & Soffits Important?”

Beginning with fascia, your attic (and entire home) is made a safer place thanks to its protective nature. This is because the fascia is the immediate structure that stands between your home and its roofline.

It endures adverse weather and other rough conditions that impact the exterior of your home. This especially comes in handy during New England winters, where high winds and snowfall can be among the most common occurrences.

Soffits, particularly, can help improve ventilation in your attic by driving out moisture and heat, which is imperative through all four seasons. Consistent heat, moisture, and/or condensation can cause catastrophic damage to your attic or roof, leaving you with immense damage.

Additional Benefits of Fascia & Soffits

As if these benefits weren’t enough, fascia & soffits can help lock out invasive pests and unwanted wildlife from your attic – protecting you and your family from harm.

Sufficient airflow in your home, thanks to fascia and soffits, can help deter spending on energy.

“Is Investing in Fascia and Soffits Worth It?”

The short answer to these questions is yes – fascia and soffits are a no-brainer to provide lasting, proven support to your home’s roofing system. In addition to providing security for you and your family, they can also help save you money in the long run.

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