Roof Insulation

Benefits of Roof Insulation

When it comes to your home’s roof, there is quite a bit of maintenance that’s required to keep the system in good repair. From weather damage, to aging, to pests, your roofing system can become damaged in a variety of ways, but your roof maintenance doesn’t end on the exterior of your roof. One of the most important parts of your roofing system is your insulation, but many homeowner’s are unaware of it’s importance, or how to ensure that their roof is properly insulated. Curious in learning more about the benefits of roof insulation? Keep reading below for more information about our services!

Heat Control

Of course, one of the primary reasons that homeowners need insulation in their roof is in order to control the heat gain & loss in the building. Your roof is one of the biggest sources of heat gain & loss in your home, so having proper insulation in place can help make your home more temperate no matter what time of year. In the summer, insulation will keep the heat in your attic, and in the winter it will keep it in your home. Insulation is easily of the the most important aspects of keeping your home comfortable, no matter the season.

Ice Dam Prevention

Another reason that insulation is so important to install in your home is that it helps to prevent ice dams, which can cause plenty of damage to New England home. Ice dams form when the heat escaping from your home reaches your attic, and heats up your shingle roof from the inside of your home. When this happens, it causes the snow on your roof to melt, which leads to it running down your roof, and refreezing in your gutter system

However, proper attic insulation can stop ice dams from ever forming! By insulating your attic, you can prevent heat from escaping into the attic and causing the snow to melt off of your roof. Combined with proper roof ventilation, insulation will prevent ice dams from forming and causing damage to your roofing system. This makes attic insulation as good for your utility bills as it is for your home!

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