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Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

Your home’s roof is an essential piece of your home’s exterior shell. It serves a number of essential functions for your home’s exterior, including most importantly keeping your home protected from the elements and pests, but also providing your home with curb appeal & resale value, as well as insulating your home and increasing it’s curb appeal and subsequently resale value. Considering how much you have to gain from having a well-maintained roof, it is essential to ensure that your home’s roof is well-maintained. However, because it protects your home from the elements, it ends up taking a beating, and over time it will begin to wear down and deteriorate. If your home’s roof has been damaged and you’re trying to decide between repairing and replacing your the roof, take a look at our guide for more information on making the decision!

To Repair…

If the damage feels relatively minor, most homeowner’s first instinct is going to be to repair the issues rather than replacing the roof. This is often the right decision but you need to assess the damage to ensure that it is worth the repair. Ask yourself a few questions as you examine your roof. Is the roof relatively new and would last for many more years with proper maintenance? Is the damage extensive or is it simply a few broken shingles here and there. If your roof is only a few years old and otherwise in good condition, it is often better to simply repair the damage. However, one concern of repairing roof issues is that the replacement shingles won’t match your existing shingles. This can damage your home’s resale value, but it is often still the better option than repairing a roof that is in otherwise good repair.

…Or To Replace

If you have extensive damage, such as an entire side of your home’s roof being damaged, or if the roof is beginning to age, you will often be better off replacing the roof as a whole. When you notice that the roof has been damaged, the first thing you will need to do is inspect the roof and consider it’s age. Are you going to replace a section of shingles and need to replace the rest of the roof in just a few years? You’re certainly better of replacing the entire roof now so it’s matching and secure. Consider your home’s climate, the age of the shingles, and the likelihood for additional damage. In general, if your roof is getting older when it’s damaged, you’re better off simply replacing the roof as a whole. You will simply need to assess the roof to determine the best course of action!

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