Carriage House Revival

Our team recently replaced the roof on a homeowner’s carriage house. They reached out to us after they noticed their flashing was deteriorating on their roof. Our team was happy to assist the homeowner, and we went out to the property to take a look at the home. Here’s a look at the home’s old flashing:

Old Carriage House Flashing
                        Old Rusted Flashing

We took a look at the home’s flashing it was clear that it needed to be replaced. Our team was up for the task! We visited the property and discussed our flashing options with the homeowner. They wanted a beautiful flashing option to compliment the slate roofing on their carriage house. After discussing our options with the homeowners, we got to work on replacing their flashing.

Interested in seeing photos of the finished product? Take a look below:

Slate Roofing with New Flashing
Slate Roof & Copper Flashing On Front of Home

And here’s a close up of the new flashing:

Copper Flashing
New Copper Flashing

The new flashing looks fantastic, and the homeowners were thrilled with the finished product!

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