Damaged Slate Roof with missing shingles

When Should a Slate Roof Be Replaced or Repaired?

Slate roofs can provide many benefits for a home. For example, even as a slate roof ages, it can still look appealing. Due to this, it can be difficult to notice when a slate roof should be replaced. In this blog, we will point out five common signs that indicate when a slate roof should be replaced.

1. Slate Roof Tiles Lose Original Color

Slate Roof tiles are known for their dark appearance but overtime some tiles can lose their color. When slate roof tiles lose its color, the usually appear reddish-brown or rusty. When this happens to multiple tiles on your slate roof, it is a good idea to consider replacement options.

2. Leaks Through the Slate Roof

Anytime a roof starts dealing with leaks, homeowners should start thinking about replacements. Active leaks will not go away by themselves and leave your roof susceptible to more damage during the next rain or snowstorm.

3. Missing Slate Tiles

A slate roof missing a slate tile or tiles is not ideal. A slate tile can disconnect from a roof for a variety of reasons, and it is best to be proactive when it does. A hole in your roof can lead to more damages if left untreated.

4. Broken Slate Tiles

Similar to the previous point, broken slate tiles should not be ignored. While a roof can still function with broken slate tiles, the break marks will not fix themselves. Over time, broken slate tiles will only get worse so it is best to have the tile repaired as soon as possible. Repairing broken slate tiles will also help your home keep up its “curb appeal”.

5. Excessive Moss Growth

Moss taking over your roof is not ideal. Not only will this hold back the appearance of your roof, it likely signals an underlying problem with your roof. It is best to get rid of the moss on your roof as soon as possible before it becomes difficult to deal with.

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