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What Should I Do After a New Roof Is Installed?

The completion of a new roof can be exciting, but it’s important to follow up on the newly installed roof not long after the project is completed to ensure the project was done correctly. It is best to not assumed a roof was installed properly even if it passes the initial eye test. Failure to notice an improper roof installation can void a future warranty. Here are three things you should do after you have a new roof installed.

1. Make Sure The Area Will Be Cleaned Up

A new roof can be rewarding but one downside to a new roof install is it can leave behind quite a mess. From debris, old shingles, and nails, it is important that someone will clean up the aftermath of a new roof. Before roofing contractors leave your property, it is important to confirm whether or not they will clean up the area of if you will have to do it yourself.

2. Check For Quality

While most roofing contractors are reputable and have strong history of work completed, mistakes and oversights can sometimes be made. After a new roof is installed, it is imperative to check the roof the ensure it meets the quality you seek and expected. While most homeowners do not have as sharp an eye for roofing details as professional roofers, some things can be easy to see if you spend time to inspect it.

3. Complete Final Payment

Once your roof installation is complete and you are satisfied with the results, settle on a final payment with the roofing contractor you hired. Keep in mind the payment details you and the contractor discussed beforehand and whether or not project timelines were met.

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