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How to Tell If Your Roof Could be Damaged or Collapsing

It does not take rocket science to determine if a roof is damaged or at risk for collapsing. For example, although a roof that is covered with snow can be quite beautiful in the winter, it can actually put a lot of strain on the roof. Overbearing weight weakens the overall structure and can cause attic leakage, roof rotting and in some cases, collapse. Here are some common signs that you should take action with your roof.

1. Increased Roof Leakage

There are levels of roof leakage. It can start out looking minimal but then increase in no time. A roof leakage is not something to ignore, especially when it looks like the ceiling is about to burst. When you notice a leaking roof, address it immediately or contact the pros.

2. Walls Start To Crack

Walls can crack throughout a building for a variety of reasons, but if the crack can be traced to the ceiling, there is a good chance your roof is playing a part in the crack. While wall cracks are normal, they should not be ignored. A cracked wall is an open invitation to let water in.

3. Your Roof Begins to Sag

Last but certainly not least, a sagging roof could be the biggest indicator that your roof is damage and susceptible to collapse. A saggy roof is characterized as one that is caved in or curved, as opposed to a flat straight roof alignment. A saggy roof is typically caused by the age of a roof or by a roof being weighed down for an extended period of time. When you notice your roof starting to sag, be proactive.

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