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How To Make An Old Roof Look Younger

Roofs can last a very long time, but eventually, an old roof will look old. Roof replacements and new roof installations can be very expensive so some homeowners are reluctant to pursue roof changes. If you have an old roof but a new roof is not in your budget, there are still a few options you can pursue to make your roof look younger and better. Below, we will discuss alternatives homeowners can turn to for a younger-looking roof.

1. Give Your Roof a Wash

It is okay to give your roof a gentle, low-pressure wash from time to time.  Washing your roof can wash away dirt, debris, and bird poop stains. When washing your roof, avoid pressure washing as most roofs cannot handle pressure washes.

2. Clean Your Roof

Similar to the first point, cleaning your roof can make it look younger. Cleaning your roof can involve sweeping away branches, dirt, and debris.

3. Install New Gutters

While installing a new roof might be out of your budget, installing new gutters is much more affordable. Gutters work in tandem with roofs so having new gutters installed can make your roof look and feel newer.

4. Paint Your Roof

Another creative way to make your roof look younger is by painting your roof. Painting your roof a new color can infuse your roof with new energy and a fresh start at a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement.

5. Do Not Let Algae or Mildew Stick Around

If a roof has mildew or algae, it usually indicates that a roof is quite old. Mildew and algae are synonymous with old roofs. If you notice algae, mildew or both on your roof, try yo remove it as soon as possible. There are a handful of cleaning sprays and tools available that can effectively remove algae and mildew from a roof.

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