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How To Find A Roof Leak

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare; a leaking roof. Your roof functions are your home’s first and primary line of defense against water damage, so a leak in your roofing system can be extremely detrimental for the health of your home, and it is important to have it addressed as soon as possible. However, the issue with roof leaks is that oftentimes, it can be incredibly difficult to pinpoint exactly where your roof is leaking from! While many homeowners opt to call in a professional to help them discover the source of the leak, with a bit of determination and knowledge, you can often find the source of the leak yourself! Interested in learning more? Keep reading below for a few tips!

Take A Look At Your Roof

Whether you’re able to spot a potential roof leak depends in large part on your willingness to talk a walk around your roof. If you feel comfortable using a ladder and walking along the roof, you can take a look at your shingle system and see if you can spot any major signs of damage. If your leak was caused by missing or broken shingles, you will be able to identify the source of the damage and make any necessary spot repairs.

However, finding roof damage isn’t always so simple. Sometimes the source of the leak is far more subtle, and it requires additional steps to identify the source!

Hop Into Your Attic

Next, if you weren’t able to identify your roof leak from the exterior of your home, you’ll want to take a look inside your attic and look for signs of a leak internally. Oftentimes, after a leak has been happening for a couple of weeks or more, there will be signs of a leak in the roof deck or attic in the form of water spots. If there is a significant trail of damage, you may be able to follow the water spots back to the source of the leak. However, if there isn’t a clear path back to the roof, you may not be able to pinpoint exactly where the water was leaking from, which leads us to our last tip.

Spray The Roof With A Hose

As a last resort, grab a hose & have a friend go into your attic with a flashlight. You will want to slowly spray your roof down with water, section by section, and have someone inside the roof to examine it for signs of a leak. If you take your time and move across the roof one section at a time, it should be relatively easy to pinpoint exactly where the leak is coming from.

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