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How Does Summer Affect My Roof?

With Summer officially here it is important to know just how the summer heat can affect your roof. Roofs are strong, so it is not uncommon to overlook the impact the summer climate can have on a roof. Here are the main ways your roof can be affected this summer and how to handle it.

Overall Attrition

With roofs exposed to the hot summer sun, a roof can experience plenty of wear and tear. Roofs can technically last for decades, but as each summer comes and goes, it can leave a mark on roofs before the season changes. After a handful of years go by, a roof will only be able to take so much more sunlight heat exposure. Check on your roof periodically and if it looks like it’s about to cave in after this Summer, consider a new roof.

Overall Humidity

Summer in New England states is prone to high humidity levels. These humidity levels can affect roofs by creating moisture that can lead to water leaks. Water leaks and moisture accumulating on a rooftop can lead to mold, which is a separate problem within itself. Keep the humidity levels in your mind this Summer.

Contract & Expand

The Summer climate can cause your roof to expand and contract.  In other words, this can stretch out parts of your roof without you knowing and weaken parts of the structure.

Measures To Protect Your Roof In The Summer

If the Summer weather has affected your roof, you have probably wondered how to better protect your roof in the Summertime. Here are a few measures you can put into place to help your roof resist the summer heat.

1. Add Ventilation To Your Roof

Ventilating your roof can help combat the Summer heat while limiting mold and moisture at the same time.

2. Add Insulation To Your Roof

Insulation for a roof can go a long way, especially if your roof does not receive any shade from nearby trees. Insulation serves as an extra layer of protection for roofs and it may be just what your roof needs to fight off the hot summer sun.

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