Fall Leaves In Gutter System

Fall Roofing Checklist

Your home’s roof is an incredibly complex piece of engineering, and in order to keep it in working condition, you will need to periodically perform maintenance and clean the area. If you’re unsure what exactly needs to be done in order to properly care for your home’s roof, take a look at our blog to learn about some of the important fall maintenance that needs to be completed!

Check Your Gutters

As we discussed previously, maintaining your home’s gutters is quite important for keeping your roof in good condition. Clogged gutters can cause all sorts of roofing issues, from backing water up underneath your starter shingles and fascia boards, to allowing animals to take up residence inside your gutter system. If your gutters are clogged, clean them out this fall and consider investing in a gutter guard system to keep your system protected.

Clean Off Debris

You will also want to examine your home’s roof to ensure that it is not covered in debris. If you have a lot of debris sitting on your roof, including moss, leaves, sticks, branches, and more, it can end up causing a significant amount of damage to your roof. This debris can end up holding a significant amount of moisture onto your home’s roof. In some cases, this debris can function like an ice dam, holding liquid water on your roof where it can eventually penetrate your roofing system and cause rot damage to your roof deck! To ensure your home’s roof is protected, clean off any debris that builds up!

Check For Damaged Shingles

Another thing that you’ll want to examine is your shingles themselves. Your roofing shingles can fail in a variety of ways, some of them obvious, like when your shingles begin to simply fall off of your roof. However, there are a number of other issues that can arise without being nearly as obvious, but with the potential to cause just as much damage!

Your shingles can curl, blister, crack, or lose their granules, which all affect the effectiveness of the shingles. The most concerning shingle issue is likely curling shingles, which indicate that your shingles have been absorbed a significant amount of moisture. It is possible that curling, or blistering, shingles are a result of poor ventilation, but either way, you will want to address the damaged shingles and attempt to repair the roof to ensure that your roof is properly protected for the winter months.

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