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Environmentally Friendly Roofing Materials

Nowadays, there are more environmentally conscious consumers who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint and living as sustainably as possible. From being aware of where their food is coming from, to reducing fuel emissions during transportation, consumers are trying to reduce their environmental impact any way possible and unsurprisingly this has led to consumers trying to reduce the energy consumption in their homes and reducing the energy needed to cool or heat their homes. One of the best ways to reduce your home’s carbon footprint, and potentially your energy bills as well, is to install a roofing material that is both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Take a look at our blog to learn which roofing materials to consider installing if you’re trying to improve your home’s efficiency.

Clay Tile Roofing

One of the most environmentally friendly roofing materials on the market are clay tiles. Clay tile manufacturing does not produce any harmful greenhouse gases, making them a sustainable option for homeowners looking to reduce their environmental impact. Furthermore, clay tiles are often used in arid climates due to their ability to reflect heat away from the home, as well as their durability. They can help improve your home’s energy efficiency which in turn improves your home’s sustainability and reduces the amount of heating and cooling needed to keep your home comfortable. Clay tiles can also be recycled and repurposed making them a very sustainable option.

Slate Roofing

Another eco-friendly roofing material that has been growing in popularity is slate roofing. Like clay tiles, slate is a naturally occurring, recyclable roofing material that requires minimal processing to in order to install on your home. There are some companies that offer recycled slate tiles, reducing the environmental impact of your home’s roof even more! Furthermore, slate roofing can last for over a century, meaning that once you install a slate roof on your home, you will never need to replace it!

Rubber Roofing

One material that many homeowners wouldn’t immediately identify as being environmentally friendly is rubber roofing. While not all rubber roofing is environmentally friendly or sustainable, there are plenty of companies that build their membranes with recycled material, such as old tires. If you can find a rubber roof that is made from recycled materials, it is an environmentally friendly option that not only reduces waste, but also requires minimal processing.

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