Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

With winter just around the corner in Rhode Island, homeowners will soon need to think about what they need to do to keep their home’s protected this winter! When it comes to winter maintenance, most homeowners immediately think about their windows & doors, in an effort to keep their home energy efficient. However, perhaps even more important, is keeping your roof well-protected! Interested in learning a bit more about what you should be doing to protect your home’s roof this winter? Keep reading below for a few tips!

Inspect Your Roof

The first thing you should do is have your roof inspected before the snowfall begins. If there are any issues with your roof, the winter will expose them, and it could cause a significant amount of damage to your roof! Have a professional come to assess the integrity of roof, checking for any broken shingles, leaks, or damaged flashing. This will ensure that when the snow begins to fall, your roof will be ready to handle it!

Make Sure Your Attic Is Properly Ventilated

One thing that many homeowners don’t know is that ventilating your attic properly can significantly reduce, or completely eliminate, any ice dam issues you may have! Since ice dams are formed when the air beneath your shingles is warmer than the snow, by properly ventilating your attic, you can limit the formation of ice dams by stopping the snow on your roof from melting! This is essential for homeowners who tend to deal with ice dams during the winter months!

Clear The Snow

Another tip for homeowners looking to protect their homes is to clear of snow as it settles on your roof. If ice dams tend to be an issue for your home, you can limit their formation by removing the snow, ensuring it can’t melt and create any ice dams. Simply get a roof rake to remove the snow and keep your roof protected!

Clear Debris

Lastly, before the snowfall begins, be sure to clear of debris from your roof to keep the system protected. Whether it freezes to your roof, or ends up in your gutters, debris can cause damage, so if you’re trying to protect your roof this winter, remove any debris before the snowfall begins!

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