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What Should I Know About Historic Roof Restoration?

Here at Rhode Island Slate Roofing, we believe all historic roofs can be repaired, saved, and revamped. Just because it is historic and an older roof does not mean it needs to be replaced. Many Historic buildings are special and their roofs play an integral roof. Sometimes a building’s roof has too much significance to be torn down and built up again. If you believe a historic roof needs to undergo a roof restoration but not a replacement, here is all you should know.

Determine the Biggest Reason It Needs Restoration

Historic Roofs could need restoration for a bevy of reasons. It is important to deduce what is ineffective about a historic roof before moving forward. Figuring out why the roof is deteriorating will make the restoration transition simpler and efficient. Determining the reason or reasons a roof may need restoration will also show how small or large the issue is. Historic roofs can run into leakage, damages, decay, etc.

Be Ready For Change

When the time comes for restoration on a historic roof, it is important to embrace the fact the original roofing material may not be available this time around. Roofing has evolved through the years and roofing materials have changed with the times.

Consider Shaking Up The Structure

When it comes to roofing materials, options are plenty. From tiles to slate to shingles to metal, etc. you have options. If the previous roofing materials did not hold up as well as you hoped in its latter years, consider choosing new roofing materials during the restoration process.

Finalize Whether It The Roof Needs Restoration or A Replacement

Sometimes roofs need just a little restoration to get back to normal. Other times, roofs are in so deep, they need to be replaced from scratch. When you realize your roof needs professional roofing services, consult with a roofing professional to determine the best course of action. There are benefits that come from either a restoration or replacement project, but each situation is different.

Historic Roof Repairs In Rhode Island & Massachusetts

At Rhode Island Slate Roofing, our professional team can handle historic roof repair projects. Whether it is an old church, school, mansion, etc., we have the necessary experience and expertise to get the job done.  We can help you keep a roof’s original and authentic look. Contact us today to get started!


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