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Historic roof with moss

What You Should Know About Historic Roof Restoration

A historic roof is more than just an old roof. A historic roof carries plenty of meaning and plays an essential part to the structure of a building. Historic roofs are commonly found on landmark buildings, churches, and mansions. Like all types of roofs, historic roofs will require restoration at some point. Continue reading to learn more about historic roof restoration projects!

Indicators A Historic Roof Needs Restoration

A historic roof cannot be restored if no damage is detected. If a historic roof has never been restored before, there is a decent chance it has some damage. Before restoration is scheduled have the roof inspected.

Common signs a historic roof needs restoration are:

  • Rotten spots on the roof
  • Excessive Moss
  • The ceiling is discolored

What Are The Benefits of Historic Roof Restoration?

When any structural element is “restored”, benefits can be countless. Here are five common benefits of historic roof restoration:

  • Additional damages can be prevented or mitigated
  • More High-Quality products exist now than decades ago
  • Restoration will extend the longevity of the roof
  • Restoration will enhance the aesthetics of the roof
  • Restoration can uncover roofing issues not previously spotted

Restoring A Historic Roof is Worth It

Historic roof restoration preserves an old roof with historical significance. With a historic roof part of a building with a notable presence, keeping the structure in its original form is invaluable.

How Long Does Historic Restoration Take?

Historic roof restoration can be a challenging process, but if you hire the right professionals, the project can be successful. Historic roof restoration requires a meticulous evaluation. Once the evaluation is completed, professional roofers set out the logistics and get started. Every historic roofing restoration project will vary from another but historic roof restorations usually take a few weeks to complete

Professional Roofing Services in Smithfield, RI

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