How Hurricanes and Storms Can Impact Your Roof

Unfortunately for homeowners, especially those who live on the Southeastern U.S. coast, hurricanes and severe storms are a fact of life. If your house has recently survived a hurricane, you and your family are undoubtedly extremely grateful. However, you still need to take the time to assess any damage that your home did sustain. Even residences that are located inland often have some damage, so it is crucial to take a look around, even if you weren’t in the direct path of the storm.

Roofs tend to take a beating when hurricanes and other strong storms hit. Due to this, one of the first things you should do when the storm clears is have a well-respected roofing contractor inspect your home’s roof for problems. As you continue reading this guide, you will learn about a few of the primary issues hurricane-force storms usually cause to roofs.

Exterior damage should be assessed.

The first thing your inspector is likely to do is look for obvious damage. Strong storms frequently cause shingles to come loose, leaving the underlayment of your roof exposed and, perhaps, damaged as well. Furthermore, hurricanes can even cause parts of residential roofs to completely collapse, leaving gaping holes that look into the interior of a house.

Look out for interior issues.

Even if your roof seems intact after a bad storm, you need to keep your eyes peeled for interior problems that could signify that there is roof damage after all. Leaks that didn’t exist before the storm, for instance, are a major red flag. You should also look for peeling wallpaper or paint, which can be a warning that there is water dripping from your ceiling down into your walls. Let your contractor know right away if you experience any interior issues.

Don’t let problems go.

It can be tempting to let roof issues go after a hurricane or a bad storm, especially if other people in your area are dealing with significantly worse damage. However, there is a reason you pay for homeowner’s insurance and there is no reason for you and your family to suffer later on. Damage that is left alone only gets worse, ultimately causing serious problems, including potential mold infestations or critters living in your home.

Instead of risking these situations and others, get some quotes and select a reputable roofer like Rhode Island Slate Roofing to fix your home as soon as possible. This will ensure that you and your family stay safe and dry for years to come. Trusting an expert with the job is a wise choice because you will be able to rest assured that things will be done right the first time.

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