Moss growth on roof

How Do I Prevent Moss On My Roof?

Moss on any roof should not be ignored and it can pose a handful of problems. Not only is it an unpleasant sight, but it is also only a negative presence for a roof. For those not familiar with moss, moss is essentially the fuzzy green, plant-based material that looks like algae. Moss can spread quickly across a roof and do more damage than it appears. Fortunately, there are a handful of ways moss growth on a roof can be prevented. Here are five strategies homeowners should keep in mind for moss prevention.

1. Clean Your Gutters At Least Once A Season

One of the ways moss can grow on a roof is through a gutter system. When a gutter is clogged and backed up, water will not exit your roof the way it should. This can serve as a springboard for moss to grow via the gutter and spread to the roof. If you do not want to or lack the motivation to clean your gutter, a professional company can tackle the task for you.

2. Do Not Let Debris Linger on Your Roof

Debris can commonly be found on a roof. Debris is another component that helps moss grow on a roof. After a windy day hits your area, check your roof to see if any debris ended up on there. Windy days often cause branches to end up falling on roofs. If you notice branches or other debris on your roof, have it removed as soon as possible.

3. Trim Your Surrounding Trees Branches

Going off the previous point, trimming surrounding tree branches is a win-win. Not only does trimming tree branches decrease the chances debris ends up on your roof, trimming tree branches also knocks out another pivotal moss component: Shade. Moss thrives in a shady environment. If tree branches are providing your roof with too much shade, that plays into moss’s hand.

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