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Slate Roofing Repair Job in Massachusetts

Rhode Island Slate Roofing recently completed a slate roofing repair job in Historic Rehoboth, Massachusetts.  We were selected by the Blanding Antiquarian Society to repair their Library roof last March.  March, April, and May are great times of the year to take care of the tiles you may need repaired or replaced. After a long winter in New England your roof may have suffered some damage due to ice, water, and snow.

Roof Reslating in Massachusetts
Roof Reslating in Massachusetts

Rhose Island Slate Roofing enjoys the opportunity to not only work on residential slate roofing jobs, but also working on historical buildings, libraries, and any other building with slate roof tiles.

We have worked on many historic buildings in the past and always look forward to preserving the integrity of the building while completing restoration work.

Our Salvaged Slate Yard

Over our decades of experience we have accumulated a large mass of slate titles so we can accurately match the size and color for every slate repair job we take on.  Pictured below you can see our salvaged slate yard. Accumulating this large selection of slate tiles has only been possible due to the vast array of projects we have successfully complete over the years.

Slate Roof Tiles
Rhode Island Slate Roofing’s Salvage Yard

One benefit of our salvage yard is that we can save money in the long run on your repair job. Instead of having to go out and purchase new slates, we can use our salvaged slates at a reduced cost to you.

If you have noticed your slate roof may have some broken or cracked tiles contact us today for an estimate! We have the experience, know how, and resources to complete any repair job on your slate roof!


Top 4 Benefits of A Roof Replacement

The thought of a roof replacement can be scary for many home owners. The price investment upfront may seem much more severe then repairs, but there are reasons that a complete roof replacement is the right move for you. Whether it be a constant leak that never goes away or an unbelievable energy bill, the best solution sometimes is for a complete roof replacement.

Top Benefits of A Roof Replacement

1.) Stop Frequent Roof Repairs: If you are constantly calling your local Rhode Island roofing contracting for repairs, this is a big waste or your time and money. These minor repairs here and there actually add up to a staggering price. Instead of wasting your time, money and well-being talk with your contractor to schedule a complete roof replacement.

2.) Health & Safety: Older damaged roofs over time increase the risk of health hazards. The decreased structural integrity of you roof increase water leaks, potential roof collapse, mold colonies and much more. If the damage is wide spread it can but you in a direct heath risk. Give your family or business the proper peace of mind and replace your roof if it seems needed.

3.) Improved Efficiency: Poor roofs truly just don’t do a good job of conserving energy. As elements of your roof break down, the cold will sneak in during the winter and the heat will make its way in during the summer. If your energy bills are growing from a poor roof, a new roof replacement will do you wonders.

4.) Curb Appeal: Another great reasons to get a roof replacement is that you’ll greatly improve the look of your home. It can create a beautiful curbside appeal and also boost your homes overall value.

For more information about roof replacement, please feel free to give us a call at 401-255-2003 or fill out an online contact form.