Textured Slate Roof

A Guide To Different Kinds Of Slate Roofs

Slate was historically one of the most popular roofing materials in North America. It has long been renowned for its durability and longevity, and if you take a drive through the rural Northeast, you are more than likely to see a few roofs with the year of their construction built into the roof itself. When most homeowners imagine a slate roof, they imagine a home that is topped with gray stone, which is generally the most common style of slate that homeowners choose to install. However, there are many other kinds of slate roofing, as different slate mines produce different kinds of slate. The three main producers of slate in the United States today are Vermont, Pennslyvania, and Virginia, and a bit comes from upstate New York as well. These different regions produce a variety of colors and styles which makes it easy to customize a slate roof to your liking! Keep reading below to learn a bit more about the different styles of slate roofs!

Uniform Slate Roof

Likely the most common style, a uniform slate roof is simply constructed of square-cut, dark gray slate that is laid horizontally and aligned evenly. This is the standard style for a slate roof, but some homeowners opt for different styles.

Random-Width Roof

Another style of slate roof that is seen on occasion is the random width roof style of roof, which is essentially a variation of the uniform slate where the tiles are constructed of different widths but still laid uniformly.

Textured Slate Roof

A step up from random-width, textured slate is a popular style of slate roof that is comprised of rough cut slate tiles that are all different widths, textures, and lengths, which creates a unique texture to the roof that cannot be replicated.

Multi-Colored Slate Roof

A popular style of slate roof is the multi-colored style of roof that is comprised of different lots of slate. They are often staggered to create a pattern in the slate itself, and the many homeowners love the look of the multi-colored slate.

Patterned Slate Roof

Finally, one of the most common styles of slate roof in rural America is the patterned slate roof. A patterned roof is constructed by adding a flare of personal touch to a traditional uniform slate roof. One of the most common styles is when a slate roof has the year of its construction built into the roof with different colored slate shingles. However, the pattern can be more subtle than that, with hints of color spread across the roof that create accents. Other designs may be built into the roof, such as names, or geometric designs. These are one of the most beautiful styles of slate roof.

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