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2023 Spring Roofing Checklist For 2023

With spring just around the corner, just about everyone is itching to get outside and enjoy the moderate temperatures. And with warmer weather comes the opportunity to check in on your home’s roof. After months of snow and ice repeating the freeze-melt cycle, it’s crucial to complete a short, but necessary roofing checklist. Hopefully, there won’t be any damage to your roof, but if there is, you’ll be able to prevent it by being proactive. Here is a roofing checklist with Spring around the corner.

Start with the Attic

Your home’s attic can tell you a lot about the condition of its roof. Since it doesn’t require you to go outdoors, this is a task that can be done early on in the spring once your attic is at a comfortable enough temperature to do so. You want to look for any signs of water damage, sources of moisture, mold, and any damage to the attic or roof’s infrastructure.

Clear Out the Gutters

This task on the to-do list will require moderate weather, so when the forecast is looking clear, dedicate an hour or two to getting up on a ladder and clearing out your gutters. If you cleaned them in the fall, there shouldn’t be too much debris to clear out. But if it’s been a while, you’ll want to rid your gutters of leaves, sticks, and any other organic materials that may have fallen from nearby trees.

Maintain your Roof

If you notice large debris on your roof, such as branches or sticks, you’ll want to get those cleared off. Not only that, but you’ll want to make sure that the impact from this debris didn’t cause any damage to your roof. If you aren’t comfortable getting up on your roof yourself, call a roofing company to handle this task for you. They have the skill and equipment to do the job quickly and safely. Not only that, but they can take a look at your roof as a whole to ensure there isn’t any other damage that needs to be addressed.


Spring is the ideal time of year to complete your roofing checklist for a number of reasons. The weather isn’t too hot or cold, trees aren’t dropping leaves, and you can catch any winter damage quickly. While it’s not everyone’s favorite task, it’s worth tackling your roof’s to-do list in order to prevent costly damage and other issues down the road.

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