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Newport, RI

Rhode Island Slate Roofing is happy to provide residents and businesses across Newport, RI with all their roofing services. Newport, RI is located on Aquidneck Island, located a short drive south-east of Providence. With roughly 25,000 residents, there are plenty of homeowners living in this quiet coastal community in need of our team's roofing installation services! Newport, RI is one of the more amazing and beautiful areas in all the country. From the beautiful shore line, to the mansions, we love coming down here to work. With brutal winds next to the coast, a poorly installed roof can be detrimental to a home. Extra costs can occur and you will be looking around wondering what you just purchased. As a company full of expert roofing specialists, we have mastered working on almost any type of roof. Much of the work we do ranges from usual asphalt shingle homes to more unique slate roofs.

If you're one of the many Newport residents in need of a roof replacement this year, our team at Rhode Island Slate Roofing has you covered. Keep reading below for more information about our roofing services.

Slate Roofing in Newport, RI

To begin, our team at Rhode Island Slate Roofing is proud to be able to offer our slate roofing installation services to the Newport, RI community! Our team's specialty, slate roofing, is an incredible roofing material that offers as much durability as it does beauty. Available in a wide array of naturally occuring colors, slate roofing is capable of lasting well over a century if properly installed and maintained, which, in addition to the curb appeal it provides, makes it an incredibly popular option even in the 21st century! While slate roofing is our team's focus, we offer a number of other roofing materials as well!

Asphalt Shingles in Newport, RI

Next, our team is happy to provide our asphalt shingle installation services to Newport, RI homeowners in need! Asphalt shingles have long been known as the standard of the roofing industry, offering a wonderful combination of affordability, curb appeal, and longevity. Built by a wide array of manufacturers, asphalt shingles are available in nearly any color you can imagine, making it easy to match your home's aesthetic. If you're ready to replace your home's asphalt shingle roof, reach out to our team at Rhode Island Slate Roofing today!

Clay Tile Roofing in Newport, RI

Finally, our team at Rhode Island Slate Roofing is proud to be able to offer our clay tile roofing installation services to the Newport, RI community! Popular in the south & overseas, clay tiles offer tremendous curb appeal & durability! If you're interested in learning more about our clay tile installation services, reach out to our team today to get started!

Newport, RI Team

Rhode Island Slate Roofing specifically specializes in:

For all these roofing options, we provide installations and repairs. We will come to your site, and assess the situation. Much of the time, a roof repair will fix the problem. But in a case where the entire integrity of a roof has been compromised, new roof installation must be executed. Rhode Island Slate Roofing will work with you and will have the best suggestion that will save you money in the long run.

One specialty service that Rhode Island Slate Roofing offers and many other don’t is their slate roofing installations and repairs. Our team has worked for over 15 years on the specifics of these roofs and have learned all there is to them. We are the go to company across Newport and all of Rhode Island for slate roofing work.

For more information on the current state of your roof or on any of our services, please feel free to give us a call at 401-255-2003 or fill out our online contact form.

Licensed in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts and fully insured with liability and workers compensation insurance. All of our installers are also trained in safety and have their OSHA 10 hour training certificates.

At all times during the project, your home is treated with the utmost respect. Your home and landscaping will be protected from all falling debris as well as preventing lawn and driveway damage while we work. The site is always cleaned up daily and left neat and tidy.