Ice Dam Removal Services

Ice Dam Removal

In periods of heavy snowfall and fluctuating temperatures, it is important to be aware of the possibility of ice dams -- snow that melts and refreezes to cause blockages to your gutter system, which in turn can cause leaks and major water damage to your home. We offer ice dam removal services to homes and businesses across the state of Rhode Island and into Massachusetts, and ensure that our customers roofs have been completely and properly cleared off, saving our customers from major headaches and potentially thousands of dollars of water damage to their roofs and homes.

Why Choose RI Slate Roofing For Ice Dam Removal?

Ice Dam Removal is potentially an extremely dangerous project to a non-professional without the proper tools and experience. We strongly suggest you do not put yourself at risk of a fall and major injury. Rhode Island Slate Roofing can handle the entire ice dam removal job from start to finish, and ensure that your roof and your home is safe from any potential damage this winter.

For more information about our ice dam removal services, please contact us by phone at 401-255-2003 or through our online contact form.

Licensed in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts and fully insured with liability and workers compensation insurance. All of our installers are also trained in safety and have their OSHA 10 hour training certificates.

At all times during the project, your home is treated with the utmost respect. Your home and landscaping will be protected from all falling debris as well as preventing lawn and driveway damage while we work. The site is always cleaned up daily and left neat and tidy.