Clay Roofing Installations & Repair

Clay Roofing

The Rhode Island Slate Roofing contractors specialize in clay title roofing in Rhode Island. Clay tiles are they most popular and decorative historic roofing material because of its variety in different shapes, colors, profiles, patterns and textures. The reason for clay tiles extreme popularity is based off the product itself. These roofs have been around for many centuries and have weathered the test of time. Like other roofing styles that fade over time, the clays color is permanent and will not fade.

Our Clay Tile Roofing Team

One extremely difficult challenge that contractors, home owners, and architects have to face is what a house will look like not right now, but 20, 30 or 50 years down the line. Roofs are the single most exposed asset of any structure to wind, heat, cold and all extreme elements. Clay tile roofing provide home owners with:

  • Natural & Durable Material

  • Cost Efficient

  • Flexibility & Variety of Choices

  • Made to handle the climates elements

Our clay tile roofing team works on all clay tile installation, repair and restorations. For further information about all our roofing services please feel free to give us a call at 401-255-2003.

Licensed in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts and fully insured with liability and workers compensation insurance. All of our installers are also trained in safety and have their OSHA 10 hour training certificates.

At all times during the project, your home is treated with the utmost respect. Your home and landscaping will be protected from all falling debris as well as preventing lawn and driveway damage while we work. The site is always cleaned up daily and left neat and tidy.